Sushi Sasabune – Honolulu, USA


Sushi Sasabune
Address: 1417 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96814, United States
Phone:+1 808-947-3800
Closed Sundays

OK this was on my list of restaurants to visit and I finally made a reservation prior to leaving Vancouver. It was a little uncomfortable during the conversation as they mentioned quite strictly that they “don’t serve spicy tuna, or California rolls”. Also since I was bringing a 6 year old – there was no kids menu, and that the kid needs to eat from the main sushi menu. I said “Fine” thinking to myself – my kid has a regular diet of fois gras, alaskan king crab and sockeye salmon… he knows the drill. I assume that since Hawaiian lifestyle is quite relaxed, a new sushi joint with rules might be nice! It didn’t phase me one bit. Upon sitting down at our table the waiter asks if we will have the omakase course for the adults, but we politely declined. We wanted to order all types of fish that weren’t from Japan. A fair request, the waiter asks the captain to see what can be done, so he unhappily suggested to order from the a la carte menu. A little surprised to see the disappointment on his face, but he said that most of the items were from Japan. If you plan on doing the same, there is a minimum order of 4 items from the menu. Each order will have 2 pieces. The overall attention to detail on every dish was great, the taste was excellent and a very good mix of ingredients. Service with a smile is non existent – I don’t care since I only care about the taste and ingredients. Good service is a bonus for me. I did feel that they could have explained their ingredients a bit better, rather than just say where the fish was from. After thinking and doing some further research online, I found there is much controversy over this restaurant. Many people love it and think its the best EVER, or consider this place to have the “sushi nazi” serving. Did I feel that way? I don’t think so, because they could have sent us away for being difficult. I honestly feel quite bad for the staff working there, needing to explain to the city of “SPAM and Musubi” customers where the soy sauce is….. that there are no California rolls and to even turn off your cell phone inside the restaurant. Is it expensive? No. For what you get, it’s quite a good deal for the $100 omakase. Are most items on the menu from Japan? No more than 40% I’d say. Not “most”. Best sushi in Honolulu? I think not, but its very good. Zagat lying about being rated so highly? No. Worth coming back? Maybe.