La Baie – Osaka, Japan


La Baie

Ritz Carlton
2-5-25 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0001 Japan
+81 6343 7000

If you’ve ever eaten in Japan, you’ll know their attention to detail is so high, it’s no joke that Japan has the highest distribution of Michelin starred restaurants. Every time I visit, I make sure I reserve me a handful of these! La Baie (1 Star) is located at the Ritz Carlton, and the closest station is Osaka station. Head outside towards the Hansin department store, and walk down about 8 minutes. If you’re lazy like me on a rainy day, take a taxi. I made a reservation for 1:30pm, and because my table wasn’t ready, I sat down in the front with some tea. Most lunch hours are offered as sets. They had the Menu La Baie (6500 yen – 3 courses), Menu Francais (9000 yen – 4 courses) and the Menu Classique at 13000 yen (5 courses). I chose the Classique with the 3 glass sommelier selection wine addon.