Eleven Madison Park – New York


Eleven Madison Park

11 Madison Avenue, NY, NY, 10010



Reservations can be made online at www.opentable.com

For our wedding anniversary my husband and I revisited our annual ritual – we made reservations for dinner out and per the usual I donned the dress I wore during our NY City Hall I-dos.  Madison Eleven Park has been on our To-Eat list for quite some time and I’m glad we tried it because I took away with me a definite sense of tender sentiment for the restaurant. Our encounter with this one-of-many-Mr-Meyer’s-restaurants (at least for now, read the news on the potential sale of it!) distinguished itself in truly personalizing our experience. How can I stress this? Perhaps I appreciate too much the warm and welcome greeting by name without my own self-introduction. Or maybe the hand-written card atop our table, swirled with hand-written calligraphy that lent itself to stir up a feeling that we were being escorted to literally “our” table.  Or perhaps it was when after our tasting menu gluttony we were guided through the kitchen and given a table from which to observe a dessert chef create a bonus sweet from start to finish. When we were first seated, I encountered a bit of a puzzle when I saw 16 singular words on the menu arranged in 4×4 fashion. I soon found out that it represented a list of the main ingredients used for the dishes the kitchen would devise. For myself, I laid some ground rules with our waitress before going ahead with the tasting – my tendencies were veggie-prone, exotic meat and seafood-averse. Thankfully my husband complemented the gaps in my taste for these and so the pictures you’ll see demonstrate some range for your viewing pleasure. With the remarkable attention paid to personalizing the exchange between diner and host, I would without hesitation recommend anybody to spend their anniversaries here! Enjoy captions below describing what I could catch of waiters’ explanations of the intricate dishes.