Five Sails Restaurant, Vancouver Canada

I’ve been working at this building for more than 10 years and I’ve never had the chance to try this place out, but since I was staying at the Pan Pacific, it was a perfect opportunity. I’ve never heard anything about this place, no idea on what type of cuisine they serve, and don’t even know if 3 year olds are even allowed. Anyhow, I was excited and most happy that I just needed to take an elevator to go “home”.


It’s still bright in the day and able to see the beautiful bright Vancouver skyline. We come in early around 6PM and find 2 other tables before us. This is probably one of the best views when eating in Vancouver. NowI think of it, why didn’t I take a picture??


I’ve been really getting into wines lately and excited to see what their wine pairing menu had to offer. They had a tasting menu which had around 12 items? I just remember it was alot. Our server said it would take about 2-3 hours to finish due to the number of items being prepared.  Our 3 year old was with us, and we know he’s good, but I didn’t want to put him through that torture. Decided against it, and chose items that we would enjoy. Maybe next time?


First up, amuse bouche. It was a nice broth (not pictured) with a piece of seared ahi tuna, greens and mandarin orange.


Surprisingly the Five Sails doesn’t bake their own bread… I’m a fan of warm baked bread. This was from Terra, so it was just as great.


½ butter poached Atlantic lobster, caramelized weathervane scallop, tiger prawn & fresh catch of the day,saffron scented bouillabaisse. This is actually supposed to be a main, but we ordered it as an appetizer.


A picture of the big scallop. I forgot to add some kind of reference of how big things really were.


For our mains we ordered, Roasted Breast of Fraser Valley Duck spiced red wine sauce, pan seared foie gras, celeriac purée & caramelized salsify, pont neuf potato prepared in duck fat.


The other main was, Filet of Prime Alberta Beef, silky Madeira sauce, topped with shaved black truffles creamed spinach, vegetables in season, golden potato galette. A perfect medium rare.


They recommended the Five Sails Grand Mariner Souffle crème Anglaise, rum & raisin ice cream. This takes approximately 20 minutes to bake, so order this in the middle of your main course.


Our other dessert was an Opera Slice with baked Bailey’s Truffle caramel ice cream demi-sel. All of the ice creams were made in house.


I was quite surprised at the entire meal, not knowing what to expect. But this is probably one of the best Westcoast style restaurants in Vancouver. Our servers weren’t the most professional, but Gerry Sayers (the owner) took care of us half way through. She also became our sommelier. Hope to meet the chef one day! Highly recommended even if you have to drive here from a far, and pay for hotel parking.

Five Sails Restaurant
999 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC V6C 3T4
Phone: (604) 844-2855

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