Las Vegas, Joël Robuchon at the Mansion

For my last night in Vegas, it wasn’t really hard to find a 3 Michelin star restaurant to dine at. So where do I begin? Reservations were made online before I landed in Vegas and I had made sure there were no appointments after to rush us out. This was my first time at a Joel Robuchon restaurant and I’ve never been so excited to eat. This restaurant is located in the MGM Grand hotel and is pretty close to the entrance. It’s also right beside L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon.  The entrance is quite elegant (sorry for the bad picture, it was quite dim in that area), and has its menu posted on the light posts, with his awards on each side.


Just from looking at the awards, this was really REALLY boosting my expectations. It’s the first and only 3 Star Michelin in Las Vegas, Triple Diamond Award winner, Forbes Five Star award winner and Chef of the Century award. Can that get any better? He does in fact come here to cook once in a while.


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As we were walking to our table, I noticed that the restaurant is nice and cozy, around 20 tables in total.

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We sat in the atrium area with the garden. This area is probably the best because it was most quiet. Perfect for a date!


Not knowing what to order, I went with the chef’s choice of appetizer, soup, two main courses, cheese, dessert and tea. I was tempted with the 16 course, but was just too worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish it. One of our servers, a smaller Japanese

dsc_7931 dsc_7930

Order a Red Burgundy to start.


The bread cart with many selections of baked goods.


 I chose the bacon and mustard and petite pan. Chewy and fresh. We were told that the butter was imported from France.


L’Amuse-bouche. I’ve also seen this served at Joel Robuchon in Macau. It’s the caviar, fennel cream and crab meat appetizer.


My first appetizer, Le King Crabe. King crab and asparagus blancmange, medley of seasoned vegetables. Those shiny pieces were gold shavings.


My friend first appetizer, La Langoustine, truffled langoustine ravioli with chopped cabbage.


My soup, Le Tofu. Delicate tofu veloute on warm smoked eel seaweed gelee.


My first main, Le Canard. Duck and seared foie gras with sweet and sour fruits, grapefruit zest and cracked black pepper.


My second main, Le Boeuf. Beef ribeye, wasabi spinach and a medley of bell peppers.


My friends first main, Le Hompard. Roasted lobster on pilaf rice and caramelized sea urchin with oriental essences.


The cheese cart.


I’m not a cheese person, but I requested some light ones to clean up my tongue.


My dessert wine. Royal Tokaji. 2006.  I’m ordering this online! An excellent recommendation by the sommelier.


My dessert, La Fraise. Strawberries with marscarpone parfait and thyme flower sable.


My friends dessert, La Myrtille. Blueberry compote and lemon brulee, finished with a violet milkshake.


The second dessert cart.

dsc_7965 dsc_7966

I chose the fresh strawberry macaroon, chocolate truffle, and chocolate cheesecake covered ball.


All finishing up with some freshly brewed coffee in a french press.


I felt like I needed more fresh strawberry macaroons.


A dinner that had started at 7pm, ended around 11:15pm. One of the longest dinners I’ve ever had. We were both shocked to have the time pass by so quickly. From rating restaurants on this blog, I’ve always given 9 stars to my favorite places. This is a definite 10. A great experience, excellent service and creative recipes. I failed to mention that I had wine paired with every dish. With two people and tip, value comes to $745. I’m coming back for the 16 course!

Joel Robuchon at the MGM Grand Las Vegas
Reservations call (702) 891-7925

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