Canada Day at Il Giardino – Vancouver, Canada

This is our second time at Il Giardino and a perfect time to head back as this time there was no “Dine Out!”. I hated the crowd during that time, but this is what the restaurant should be like.. quiet and relaxing! This time we had an excuse to celebrate our 4th anniversary on Canada Day! We actually tried to come here on another day, and we discovered that they close Sunday! This time, we’d order completely different items to try more of their dinner menu.

Here goes….


Spaghettini with Broiled Scampi (inbetween a shrimp and lobster taste)


A closer view of that scampi…


Half a dozen fresh oysters


Steamed atlantic mussels, cooked in a white wine with cilantro, onions, tomatoes.. last time I ordered this, it came in a tomato sauce. Was surprised it came different this time. Of course I had to have a nice white wine (totally forgot what I ordered)


A linguine with mushrooms (forgot the name) in a cream sauce topped with truffle. Extremely flavorful if you love mushrooms like I do.


Fresh pesto with spaghetti topped with pine nuts. I was allergic to pine nuts, my wife says it was freshly made pesto. She didn’t talk much during this time of the meal…


Their house tiramisu, nice and light, with lots of liquer. Probably one of the best tiramisu’s in Vancouver.


Apple crumble with vanilla ice cream. Yoshiya just ate up the ice cream and left the rest for me.


Lemon tarte. Perfect lemon flavour, but the meringue was too sweet. I think it was made out of marshmellows or something..


We absolutely love this place and will come back trying their specials or other items on the menu. Service is what you would expect at a place like this. Yoshiya had spilled an entire glass of water on our table… but 2 people replaced and wiped it within 2 minutes. I should have recorded that.

Overall the main highlight is their ‘al dente’ style noodles. I think they make it fresh, but will have to ask Umberto himself next time. Bill comes to about $190.

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